Business Networking Tip #2: Update Your Business Card

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Business cards are the currency of exchange at business networking events. Many people feel they've had a successful business networking experience if they've collected a lot of business cards -- and have given their card to many people.

If business networking were that simple, we would all be tremendously successful!

The best reason to exchange business cards at a networking event is when two people feel there is enough of a connection that it's worthwhile staying in contact.

While it's a great to exchange business cards, the key question is whether they can look at your card a few days or weeks later and know why they should call you. If your business card doesn't answer this question then you may never hear from that person again.

There are several types of information on business cards that can tell what you do and why your contact should call you:

  • A positioning statement slogan
  • Mission statement
  • List of products or services
  • Logos of companies represented
  • List of skills
  • Licenses and certifications

Probably the hardest of these to create--yet the most effective--is a positioning statement slogan that includes two items. First, it identifies the type of customers or clients you serve. Second, it either describes the products or services you provide, or it describes the benefits your customers receive.

Here are examples of positioning slogans for various types of companies to get you started:

  • Providing accounting services to growing entrepreneurs
  • Precision drilling equipment for the aircraft industry
  • Swimming pools for fun and exercise
  • Lamps and shades that light modern homes
  • Community calendar for your events and meetings
  • Turning events into networking experiences

Take a look at your business card and make sure it tells people not only how to contact you, but why they should contact you.

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