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Be Prepared When the Roof Falls In

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Meeting organizers face interesting challenges as their event approaches. Take, for example, the situation faced by Cindy Klaverkamp, senior event planner for Creative Memories, who had a two-day regional convention with 300 Creative Memories consultants scheduled in Pittsburgh.

The collapse of some concrete flooring in Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center February 5 forced the facility to close temporarily and had several groups scrambling to find different venues or dates for their meetings.

The 6-inch-thick concrete floor in a loading area collapsed under the weight of a tractor-trailer, sending a mixture of concrete, steel, and equipment onto a public area below, and leaving the tractor-trailer trapped in a 20-by-60-foot hole in the floor/ceiling. No one was hurt.

Fortunately for Cindy, her vendors cooperated and she was able to move the event, acquire audiovisual equipment, and change a variety of other details that came up instantly.

This is an extreme example of the roof falling in, but it's always important to be able to contact vendors quickly.

One way to keep this data handy is to store vendor contact data in your SureToMeet Contacts area, then add them to a Contact Group called "Vendors." Wherever you are when you need a complete list of vendors and contact information, just log in and click over to your "Vendors" group.

You may never invite all of your vendors to a meeting or party (although Cindy might), but the SureToMeet contact manager can keep vendor contact data accessible from any Web browser.

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