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Live Earth House Party

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending one of the many Live Earth house parties around the country.

The house party used practically all of the suggestions in our How to Host A House Party guide, and was very successful. It was a great networking opportunity for like-minded people to meet and discuss ways they can work together toward the goals of the Live Earth organizers.

The hosts had plenty of room for the nearly 60 people there. Everyone was encouraged to bring a dish, which guaranteed there would be enough food -- even though most people brought deserts.

When a house party has a set time period for a speaker's presentation or to view a DVD, it's easy to make sure every attendee sees and hears the organization's message. However, with the Live Earth concerts playing continually on two large TVs, it was difficult to ensure that the house party guests actually received the message.

To overcome this problem, these hosts handed out information sheets late in the evening to take home and read.

Whether you're looking for support for a political candidate or issue -- or you're trying to save the planet -- house parties are a great way to raise awareness and encourage action.

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