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LINC Adds BizDev Networking

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Here in Los Angeles many people on the business side of technology companies have attended our LINC Face-to-Face business networking events over the past few years. These stand-up mixers have helped entrepreneurs and executives at technology companies meet people like themselves, which helps grow the community.

In September we'll be expanding LINC with small breakfast and lunch networking meetings for business development people at local technology companies. LINC BizDev meetings are designed to help bizdev people tell their company's story to their peers so everyone can work together in growing our community.

If your bizdev person is looking for more business networking opportunities, have them request an invitation to LINC BizDev meetings.

Search Engine Optimized Events Calendar

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An event organizer has many jobs, but the one that probably causes the most anxiety is event promotion. I know I feel it every time we put on an event. While your own e-mail list is the best source of registrations, it's great to get registrations from people who have never attended one of your events.

One technique is to use search engine optimization (SEO) to attract searchers to your event description page. The challenge that most organizations face is their Web site can't get ranked high enough in search engines to matter.

There are two main components to successful SEO: page content and incoming links. It's relatively easy to optimize the content of an event page, but it's very hard to get enough links to the organization's Web site to rank high in the search engines.

A solution is to add your event to the SureToMeet event calendar because our whole site is search engine optimized. For example, SureToMeet automatically creates up to five links to your event that are fed to search engines within hours. In several recent tests every event we tested showed up on the first page of search engines, while the organization's own site ranked much further down.

For organizations that use SureToMeet's online event registration this SEO promotion is done automatically for public events. For other organizations that that use their own online event registration process, they can add their events to the SureToMeet event calendar for free and have the same SEO advantage in the search engines.

Like our slogan says, we want to help organizations bring people together face-to-face at events, seminars, and meetings.

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