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Vacation Networking

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Networking can occur wherever you are. Like, when you're on vacation.

Nichelle Stephens points out a few of the places where you may find yourself networking when you may not expect it:

It's August and many people are away for vacation. This is actually an excellent time to build up your contacts. You will meet other vacationers on the plane, in the hotel lobby or on the beach. Everyone is relaxed so conversations flow freely.

One of the reasons that vacation networking can work well is that you already share some interests in common.

Be sure to pack a few extra business cards along with the sunscreen and bathing suit.

Personal Relationships

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There are now a wide range of ways we can communicate electronically with other people that can help -or hurt - personal relationships. I use e-mail a lot to provide detailed answers and information. We all use e-mail a lot - perhaps too much for our own good.

Joel Block, who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, posted a reminder about how to grow relationships:

There are several problems with relying on e-mail as your primary source of communication. First, it's impersonal. There is little true relationship-building through e-mail.

He's right that e-mail is better for sending detailed information than it is for nurturing relationships:

Be personal. Pick up the phone or take people out to lunch. That's the old fashion way, but it works, and many of us still prefer this "high-touch" way of doing business.

So, call someone you haven't talked to in a while and ask how they're doing, share something about yourself, and plan to get together face-to-face.

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