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10 Networking Tips You Haven't Seen Before

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I'm always pleasantly surprised when I come across someone's Top Ten Networking Tips list that includes tips I hadn't seen before. Richard Mueller, a Minneapolis-based graphic designer, posted his networking tips list recently. Here's a quick summary:

  1. Big groups are always better
  2. Drag singles along
  3. Don't dance with the one you brung
  4. Nicotine Networking for nonsmokers
  5. Plan fast, eat slowly
  6. Use other peoples' business cards for notes
  7. Organize your business card collection
  8. How to remember names
  9. How to remember faces
  10. Don't drop the ball - use your new contacts

Check out Richard's detailed list of networking tips, then include ones that are right for you in your networking techniques.

Benefits of Networking

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In a post about getting attention, Nathan Burke,, reminds readers of the benefits to startup entrepreneurs of getting away from computers and attending networking events:

Go To Events - Another easy one. Go to tweetups, conferences, podcamps, etc. You’ll meet people, you’ll get to talk about your startup, and you’ll get the chance to hone your message each time you meet someone new.

With all the ways we network online, much of it deals with arranging face-to-face networking.

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