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Order Up Some Introductions

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Every meeting, event, or group gathering is networking opportunity where you might meet several interesting people.

But, if you've been out networking, you know how hard it is to find the people who are more than interesting contacts — the people who become great business partners, friends, or more.

Introductions make networking more productive

One way to make networking easier is to be introduced to just the right person by someone with a large network of people.

Mary Kurek, a professional networker who seeks out the best connections for her clients, is sharing her network at the upcoming E3 conference for the gaming industry. She is holding a networking event at E3 — and inviting attendees to submit an "order" for the person they'd like to be introduced to:

The best part of E3 — besides the fun — will be the connections you make. It's my aim, during this tweet up, to help you make this the most amazing networking event you've ever attended.

Connectors like Mary provide a great service by making networking more productive and fun.

You can be a connector, too

No matter how many people are in your network, you can start a networking group and introduce people to each other, too.

Gather people together and introduce them to each other. Encourage them to continue their conversation in person or on the phone (or Skype) — and to plan something they can work on together.

And, if you want to place an order for quality connections, contact Mary.

By taking the lead in hosting a networking event and helping people get connected, Mary is deinately a 10.

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