Business Networking Tip #6: Follow-Up With New Contacts

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Collecting business cards at networking events and making notes about each person you meet is a great first step in building a network.

The next step is to start communicating with your new contacts to build the relationship.

After a business networking event take time to send each person you met an e-mail letting them know you're glad you met them at the event.

Refer to something they said or to a common interest you discussed with them. be sure to mention ways to work together near future.

Letting people know that you enjoyed talking with them helps them remember you -- and it helps you recall the reasons you wanted to stay in touch with them.

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As a former Chamber of Commerce employee....I couldn'at agree with you more!

I have made presentation to my 'new targetted clients' and now want to make a follow up on decisions in a professional manner without jerpedising my chances.

Most people welcome follow up phone calls and e-mails. Be sure to ask questions about how they are making a decision and it they have any questions for you.

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