How to Host A House Party

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A networking technique that isn't talked about very often is holding "house parties" to share with people how you feel about a non-profit organization or political candidate.

We have added a new article, How to Host A House Party:

Many of the changes in our community we would like to see require raising awareness of a problem or need before people will become involved. This is true whether you are supporting a cause, non-profit organization, or political candidate. A house party is a gathering of people at a home so you can influence several people at once face-to-face. Hosting a house party is a great way to bring together friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers in a comfortable environment to talk about an important cause or political candidate that you support.

In addition to promoting a cause or candidate, house parties are a great way to connect with likeminded people and grow your network.

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This would be a great idea for launching a new film or DVD, too. Spread the word, give a personal tourch by having the director or actors share their experience...and share some DVDs with attendees. Good article!

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